Fintech app
April 2023


Tech Stack: React, React Native, Typescript, Styled Components, MobX.

Financial App

Democratizing finance in Chile.

Digital Wallet

A digital solution for banking in Chile


Project Overview

Tenpo Chilean startup with exponential growth in the world of finance in Chile. Tenpo it's an application for unbanked people, allowing them to obtain a prepaid Mastercard The company aims to become the first 100% digital bank account in Chile.


  • Wallet: With the USD PayPal wallet, managing dollars has become simple and immediate for everyone. Add and withdraw dollars effortlessly.
  • Investment: Your money works better when it is all in one app. Invest in bonds, cryptocurrency, or mutual funds.
  • Transfers: Sending money abroad has never been easier! Transfer funds from your app without leaving your house.
  • Expense Management: We make it easy to understand your spending habits by automatically categorizing your transactions, giving you control over your money.
  • Payments: Easily pay all your bills with just one click. Pay for electricity, water, internet, cable, and more. Users can even set reminders for all of these services.

Project Results

• Increased development speed, 40% faster, Savings: 9000 USD / month: After the DevSe•ed stepped in, the team's development speed increased by 40%, achieving savings of at least USD 9,000 per month, and USD 108,000 annualized in hiring new resources.

• Setting the bar high!, 4000 new active users in the first 2 months: The application improved in performance by 25%, achieving the successful opening to the market of 4,000 thousand active users in the first two months, generating an average movement of USD 500,000 for the company.

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